3 Ways To Download Videos On Any Streaming Website, 3 Ways To Download Videos On Any Streaming Website

3 Ways To Download Videos On Any Streaming Website

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TasTaria.com – Video Streaming is multimedia which serves to present audio visual data directly (live) or recorded (on demand) via internet network broadcasts. So, what 3 Ways To Download Videos On Any Streaming Website?

It is the same as Youtube, which we know as a website that provides various videos that we can watch anytime and anywhere, while within the reach of the internet. Apart from that, there are many similar sites that provide various videos with a specific niche.

This is also supported by the needs of netizens who tend to be more interested in visuals. Judging from the increasing demand for quality and quantity that is significant from year to year, it has been revealed by several well-known video content provider sites.

So it is not surprising that video streaming can be an alternative to today’s television media. Even so, video streaming certainly has drawbacks. One of them is the consumption of quotas, which can increase immediately. Especially if you want to watch videos with high quality and long enough duration.

Fortunately, there is another solution, namely by downloading it when you are in free internet coverage or at times where an abundant quota is obtained. That way, anyone can watch the streaming video they want.

But another problem is that video content provider sites often don’t provide a download feature. So like it or not, when you don’t know how, you will watch it live right away.

To download videos from Youtube, maybe it is very mainstream and maybe there are so many services, applications, or software out there that offer free downloads of YouTube videos. But if you want to download videos from various content providers other than yt itself, maybe you need to go through several different stages or in more detail, please listen to the application below:

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3 Ways To Download Videos On Any Streaming Website

Internet Download Manager is one of the most common software used by most people to download videos from streaming sites. Its function is easier with the appearance of a download button automatically when a video is played from a player on a visited website. For the rest, please download and install IDM via the link below:

Apart from the internet download manager, there are several applications that have the function of being able to download streaming videos. Some of the applications are listed below:

  • KeepVid
  • aTube Cather
  • YTD Video Download
  • 4K Video Downloader (Support 4K 2160p)
  • AnyMP4
  • FreeMake Video Downloader
  • SnapStube (Mobile)

Online Downloader Site

There are many video downloader sites directly from the internet scattered on the internet. Some of them are as follows:

  • https://video-download.co
  • http://id.savefrom.net
  • http://www.clipconverter.cc (Support 4K 2160p)
  • http://www.downvids.net
  • http://savedeo.online
  • http://savevideo.me
  • https://www.tubeninja.net

You only need to copy the url / link from the video page you want to download and then enter it in the fields available on the downloader site. Then just wait for the video conversion process to be ready to download.

Some of the sites above also provide plugins or extensions that can be installed on your browser to make it easier to download videos directly via shortcut key extensions.

Download Via Source (Without Software / Service)

The quick but a little tricky way is through the view page source function or the inspect element of the video site page you want to download.

As we know that some streaming sites only allow users to eat in a place, aka watch the video right away and don’t allow the bottom wrap to go home, aka download it.

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Of course, the goal is clear to make visitors come back at another time when they want to watch the desired video. That’s why downloader sites began to develop, but if you still download directly without using services or applications, why not ?. Here’s how:

Step 1: Visiting Web Streaming

The first stage is to visit the streaming website that you go to right on the page where the video can be played. Example for youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=K1d5J4m4Nn0w.

Step 2: View Site Source

Next you should see all the sources on the page you are visiting. To do this, right-click anywhere on the video page. Then select “View Page Source” or “Source Code” depending on the browser you are using.

Step 3: Search for Video URL

On the page where you can see the source code / script. Look for the url / link of the video you want to download. The trick is to press “Ctrl + F” on the keyboard.

Then when the video extension or format is commonly used on video streaming sites. Generally, video extensions are like avi, mpeg, mpg, mp4, wmv, mov, flv, swf, or avi.

So look for the possible video url based on the video extension suffix in the url. For example, https://vidio.com/media/video/stream/kids+jaman+now.mp4.

When you find the url, please copy / copy it. But make sure that it’s the correct video url you go to. Because some steaming sites usually have several video urls that include related videos (recommended videos) in addition to the main video.

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Step 4: Save Video

After the video url you have got. Next, open the Windows Media Player application on your computer. Then click “File” -> “Open“. Paste the video url in the “File Name” column. Then click “Open”. Wait for the video to load in the WMP window.

After the video is loaded, click “File” -> “Save AS” in the menu bar of the WMP window. Fill in the “File Name” as you wish. Then click “Save” to save it in your computer directory to start downloading the video.

3 Ways To Download Videos On Any Streaming Website, 3 Ways To Download Videos On Any Streaming Website