Shrimp Taco Recipe with Slaw

Shrimp Taco Recipe with Slaw – This homemade Shrimp Taco Recipe with Slaw and a creamy Cilantro Lime Sauce is a KEEPER. The juicy shrimp are stacked on a bed of the crunchy slaw and topped with avocado, tomatoes and the sauce. We love Mexican inspired recipes. From Chicken Fajitas to hearty Taco Bowls […]


SHRIMP FOIL PACKETS Shrimp Foil Packets have huge shrimp, sausage, corn, and potatoes seasoned and enclosed by foil. It’s a perfect shrimp bubble in foil that makes it easy to fire cook or get ready. These shrimp bubble foil packets make a fun foil parcel dinner for any summertime party […]

Garlic Parmesan Flounder

We can never say no when it comes to garlic and Parmesan. This easy bumble recipe uses a little bit of bread crumbs, but mostly Parmesan, and we couldn’t be more euphoric with the results. The struggle bakes up pleasant and tender with the ideal measure of crunch. If you’re […]

Seafood Stuffed Shells in a Sherry Cream Sauce

Get ready to meet your new favorite course or side dish: Seafood Stuffed Shells! Stuffed shells with no red sauce. Seafood Stuffed Shells in a Sherry Cream Sauce is a dinner fit for a special occasion with buttery crab, tender shrimp and a smooth cream sauce. An American classic, stuffed […]